The Story

For many years, Mark, Andrew and Rick have wanted to do an art exhibit together.  Not only are they personally very dear friends but their admiration for each others artistry — on and off the stage — holds no bounds.  However, life as actors meant it has been almost impossible for the three to coordinate a schedule to actually make it happen.

Until this year!

A window of time has opened and all have agreed to empty their calendars — and keep it that way — to fulfill this dream of doing an art show together. ACTING WITH PAINT is the result.

As actors, the three have had very diverse careers.  From classical theatre to mega musicals, from the Fringe Festival to The Shaw and Stratford Festival, from opera to chamber musicals, from small regional theatres to the grand theatres in downtown Toronto. Styles and genres demanding many different parts of them from the acting cannon.

In many ways, as visual artists, they are equally as diverse and look to offer a little bit of something for everyone.  Rick is grounded in portrait work and still life.  Mark strikes a harmonious balance by excelling in illustration and drawing on one hand, and then bookends it with abstract painting on the other.  Andrew is a pure abstract artist, offering large bold and aggressive works striving, as he puts it, “to find the calm within chaos”.

Although they are different in these technical painting ways, they are very similar in another.  Similar in that they like to tell stories and communicate with others.  All three have spent their lives telling and inhabiting the stories of others and bringing their personal selves –as actors — into the telling. More importantly, they all know acting is just one way for them to express their ever raging need and desire to tell stories and communicate with others.

Each of these talented artists paints with a story to tell.  Sometimes obvious and sometimes obtuse. There is something very special in putting these various styles together for everyone to see.  To see how we all can tell stories in very different ways.

It is like going to see a mega musical, a Shakespeare and Becket play all at the same time!

Like many artists, Rick, Mark and Andrew have more than one side to how they can artistically express and connect with others.  Unfortunately, the “other sides” often get lost or remain hidden when one become too fixated on their primary means of doing it — in this case, by acting.

Many people do not know that these three actors are also visual artists and this is their way to say hello to you all and introduce you to their “other side”.

Andrew, Mark and Rick are all eager to share their stories with you and look forward to interact with you in a way you never have before with them!

They welcome the opportunity this exhibition opens up and hope you can stop by during the exhibition run!

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